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  • NeiNTRO TO hORSES xt Event: Intro to Horses Sunday 29th Feb from 3.30pm 

  • Intro To Horses - Tuesday 5th April - 8.30 to 12.30- from 6 years-Includes Riding lesson and hands on horse activities BOOK NOW only a few places left
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  • Ashlin Heyward, Jazlyn Kutek and Sarah Currie with Aslhlins own horse Sam the Shetland, having a bit of fun at the Gymkhana
  • Montana Ahearn having a go at filing a horses hoof, in the 2 day camp
  • The Stokes Family Matilda, Tara and Skye
  • Emily Fuller December Rider of the Month with Gemma
  • Anne wiseman one of our more mature riders, she says never to old to learn something new
  • One of the teams in the horse sports days, showing off their ribbons
  • One of our younger riders at the Gymkhana on Po ( who has since passed away)


Come ride with us at Ranchlands

Our Students range from ages 5 and a half to unlimited and come from diverse backgrounds. They all share a love of horses and a passion for riding.

Riding horses benefits people in many ways including fitness and flexibility, self confidence, mental agility and improved concentration. Horse riding builds skills for life and it's a lot of fun.

The Riding School has a friendly atmosphere with the more advanced students helping and encouraging the newer ones. For most students coming to class is the highlight of their week and many of them will make lifelong friendships here.

I have been riding at Ranchlands for the past four years. I used to agist my horse there too, until I moved around the corner. Now I can ride to my lessons.

I have weekly lessons with Jenny (dressage and Jumping) so I am ready to compete in the local competitions.
For me it's a haven of like minded people who are always on hand to offer help and advice.
The shop is pretty good too!

Skye began riding at Ranchlands three years ago. She is almost 8 years old. She has a weekly riding lesson that she  never misses, even when she's not feeling well. Her favourite pony is Maggie, but she also loves Jemma, Pugsley and Roxy. She loves her instructors, Jo and Esther too!

She has been taking part in the Ranchland g's gymkhanas and dressage competitions over the years and has become a competitive young rider.She attended pony camp last year, went on trail rides, rode bare back and didn't want to come home.Ranchlands is Skye's favourite place!

Matilda has just had her second lesson at Ranchlands! She is five and a half years old. She already has made heaps of friends.
Everyday after school she asks "Are we going horse riding today?"
She loves Lizzie, Maggie and Leo.


From Tia -

I've always loved horses, but never confident enought to ride, but what I have learnt over the last year here at Ranchlands, has made be more confident. When starting lessons I thought I would get teased, and thought the others in the class would tell me they are much better than me, but I was wrong, everyone was so friendly and encouraging, and helped me a lot. I have a little secret ( I have never fallen off, but lets not jinx it)

Elizabeth Says

"I have been riding at Ranchlands since early 2007, in that time I have grown to know the instructors and the horses rather well and made heaps of friends. I love Ranchlands for its friendly atmosphere and its wonderful range of horses. Ranchlands always holds great Gymkhanas.

In the last Gymkhana I competed in, I rode Star who has just recently passed away, he helped me win one 1st , one 3rd and 3 4ths. I love all my experiences at Ranchlands, love all the horses dearly and look forward to my weekly lesson."

Anne wiseman:-
I have always wanted to ride. I was able to go riding in my late teens, although not very often and I was never taught to ride correctly. It was a case of if you fell off you just got back on. When I turned sixty I decided it was now or never and enrolled with Jenny Haines at Ranchlands.

It has been a wonderful journey and I have learned so much about horses and myself.
I have also made friends with the other riders and every so often Jenny has a trail ride where we are able to practice what we have learned at the centre under a different atmosphere. My 10 year old granddaughter has also been learning to ride for about four years and it is wonderful to see her developing into a great little rider.

It is so special to have a granddaughter interested in the same sport because we are able to share special times together when we are out trail riding.