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Riding Lessons

For Age 6 upwards

Equine Assisted Learning Programs

We offer a variety of programs for Equine Assisted Learning. To find out more and to get information on upcoming scheduled programmes, please get in touch.


  • We offer group and private sessions with qualified Equine Assisted Learning Practitioners (Equine Psychotherapy Institute model)
  • The 6 week – High School Horse Wisdom Program builds Awareness, Boundaries, Relationships, Thinking, Feelings and Facing Life’s Challenges with our beautiful, gentle horses as teachers and guides.
  • Personal Awareness Days are for anybody who would love to come and spend some time with us and the horses; discover in a gentle way where to make simple changes that enhance wellbeing and satisfaction in your life and find a few more tools to help with anxiety and depression, PTSD,  self-confidence and the myriad challenges life brings.
  • We also offer these programs as ‘One on One’ sessions for teenagers and adults who prefer a shorter, private session with our qualified Equine Assisted Learning Practitioners.

“Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart.  You will never regret it”

Author Unknown

Our next Awareness Day

 October/November 2023, contact us for further information

All of our programmes are held at Ranchlands Equestrian Centre


For your equine learning experience, contact us today
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“Horses carry the Wisdom of Healing in their hearts and offer it to any humans who possess the Humility to Listen”

Author Unknown