Our Horses at Ranchlands Equestrian Centre



Age: 2007


Height: 14 hands

Dark Brown Gelding with Star


Reggie is the most recent to join the Ranchlands herd but that hasn’t stopped him gaining a fan club amongst the riders. He is fairly green at his work, but learning fast and bowls along.


Height: 13 hands

Black  Gelding with Faint Star


Ink is forward going, happy to do anything that is asked…. except jumping. He does not like bending his legs too much.


Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: 2010


Height: 13.3 hands

Brown Gelding

Marley is our most mischievous and playful horse, pleasant to ride and still a bit green in his work, so in training.


Height: 15 hands

Dark Bay Gelding with Faint Star


Very affectionate and obliging most of the time. Can be ridden from beginners to advanced


Breed: Thoroughbred

Height: 16.1 hands

Brown Gelding


Quiet horse with big strides, so suits more experienced riders and always does everything asked of him…. you just have to catch him first!


Breed: Appaloosa

Leopard Gelding


Leo can always be seen at Ranchlands with Maggie by his side, he is absolutely in love with her and doesn’t go anywhere without her. He is very reactive to his rider and can be wonderful with complete beginners, but on the other hand, will go flat-out back to the other horses with capable riders. Very challenging


Breed: Thoroughbred

Height: 16 hands

Brown Gelding with interrupted stripe


Storm is the Alpha Male of the herd, so in the arena likes his space. He is best with the reasonably experienced riders and has a very bouncy trot! He is a lovely ride, if you have the skills and he is happy to oblige.


Age: 1992

Height 14 hands

Black Mare



Most riders at Ranchlands begin their journey with Lizzie, she is quietest horse you will ever meet (she’s not nicknamed ‘Lazy Lizzie’ for nothing.)

Lizzie is the Alpha Mare in the herd, which means she’s the Boss! This also means she must remain the calmest horse, to keep the herd at ease at all times, this also shows when riding her. She expels as little as possible but is a great confidence booster.

Lizzie has also shown to have a special affinity with people with Autism and is a great asset to Riding with the Disabled. Lizzie is truly the back bone of Ranchlands, we couldn’t do it without her.


Breed: Australian Stockhorse

Height: 14 hands

Palomino Mare wth Star and Snip


Maggie is very obedient and obliging, caters for all levels of riders, and is also a wonderful contributor in Riding for Disabled. She can be found hanging out with Leo as she has been the ‘Girlfriend’ title.


Age: 1992

Height 14 hands

Chestnut Mare with Faint Star


Rosie can be ridden by all levels of riders, she is forward going and is a pleasant ride. Although, she is not keen being saddled, especially the girth part, nothing a few carrots wont fix!


Breed: Thoroughbred

Height: 16.2 hands

Brown Mare with Blaze


Moose is an off the track Thoroughbred, as she was too big and heavy to race. You can find Moose by the side of Lizzie, as she learns the ropes to become Alpha Mare. If you observe long enough, you can see her bossing the herd but still respects Lizzie. Moose is very popular with riders as she has a beautiful, smooth stride, but don’t let her size intimidate you, we have had some of our smaller riders show her how it’s done in the arena.


Height 15 hands Chestnut Mare with Blaze and off white foot Cricket has a lovely nature and can be nurturing if watching closely, this is probably because she has had 5 foals. She has been used as the occasional stock horse on a station, so she is still learning the ropes, but is happy to please, as long as the rider stays quiet with quiet hands.


Breed: Stock Horse

Height: 14.1hands

Grey Mare  with Light Dapple


Gypsy can be challenging and is very head strong which shows in and out of the arena. But give her time and when you put in the effort and understand her, she can be a good ride.