Instructors at Ranchlands Equestrian Centre

Esther Smith

Esther is our chief instructor, she started here at Ranchlands as a 10 year old learner, and always wanted to be a instructor here, and after much travelling around with the army one of her other jobs, she has now been teaching here for well over 19 years.

She has  competed regularly and successfully in the dressage arena for many years.  But her passion is teaching, she just loves to pass on what she has learnt over the years, to our many aspiring riders, and as a testimony to her ability, they keep turning up year after year.


Ester has a certificate 111/IV in Sports Coaching.

Tania Greenwood


Tania hails from England, where she became a Instructor with the British Horse Society, and worked there teaching before arriving in Australia in 1996.
Tania actually has been working at Ranchlands on and off for nearly 20 years, in between children etc. She loves passing on her knowledge and respect of the horses and to celebrate every small achievement you can gain whilst riding different horses. She gains a great rapport with her students and is passionate about what she can help people achieve.

Theresa Roberton


Theresa is a qualified pony club Instructor, and loves her teaching, to see kids improve and strive to have a better relationship with their horse, and to understand them, give me much pleasure, she says.

I have been around horses all my life, and the more I get to know them the more I am fascinated with what they have to teach us. The Equine Assisted Learning that Jenny runs locally here at Ranchlands has shown and blessed me with what they have to offer us humans.

Danielle Graves


Stable Boss/Instructor
Danni’s mum even learnt here at Ranchlands, so another next generation. Danni is a uni student studying to be a teacher, and has ridden all her life, and been involved in pony club throughout competing and instructing.
A welcome addition to the Ranchlands Stable.

Shelli Van Santen

Has been riding since she was two years old when she would sit behind her mum on the horse, sometimes falling asleep with the rocking motion of the horse. She has dedicated her whole life to understanding the horse and horse/human communication. Over the past 45 years she has ridden for fun, competed in every kind of show , gymkhana and competition, done mustering and droving, dressage to Medium level .Also running her own Riding school . Shelli loves helping students understand the horse and themselves, encouraging them to develop a partnership with clear communication.